The road ahead

Many folks have been asking me about the book authoring process. “Oh, you’ve authored a book” they will gasp. Once the awe evaporates, questions start. How did you do it, how long it took, what’s the royalty fee (the most popular but usually asked last question for courtesy reasons I suppose :-). For there reasons, I would like to start a new blog category devoted on writing.

In the spirit of the season, I am reflecting on the ending year and charting plans for the future. As you probably know, Microsoft is working hard on the next release of Microsoft Reporting Services which will coincide with SQL Server 2005 scheduled for an official release during the summer of 2005.

One of the things I am currently contemplating is whether to write a new book on Reporting Services 2005 or not. Based on my preliminary study and knowledge of the new RS feature set, I could add/replace about 50% of my old book content. Many of you have given me rave reviews about my book “Microsoft Reporting Services in Action”. Thank you for that! However, I know that the book is far from perfect and many things could have been improved.


Please help me decide if you thing that a new revison of my book could be useful and, if yes, how I can design my next book to better meet your needs.

  1. Do you think a new book on Reporting Services 2005 could be useful?

  2. Should the book be targetted as an updated version of my old book or should it focus more on the new product features.

  3. What areas of my old book need improvement?

I welcome your suggestions. If you prefer drop me an e-mail offline to


Thank you advance!