Downloading Multiple Files from SharePoint using WebDav

I had to download many ASP.NET pages from the SharePoint Pages library that were used to wrap up the Reporting Services ReportViewer webpart. I wanted the pages as files, so I could deploy them to another SharePoint server. Unfortunately, SharePoint doesn’t support selecting and downloading multiple files. But, it does support the WebDAV protocol.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and type in the following URL:
    \\<SharePoint site>\<library>

    Example: \\elitex\Pages, where elitex is the SharePoint server and Pages is the document library.

  2. Windows Explorer shows all documents in the library. From there on, just copy the files you need to another folder.

The only caveat is that you need to make sure the WebClient Windows service is running on your laptop. If you’re trying to connect from Windows 2008 Server, then make sure the Desktop Experience role is installed as well, which installs that WebClient service.

Subscription and Alerts Issues with Analysis Services in SQL Server 2012

As you probably now, Reporting Services doesn’t allow you to create subscriptions with data sources that use Windows security because subsbscriptions are run in unattended mode. Moving to SQL Server 2012, we’ll add Data Alerts to the list. This presents an issue if you use Analysis Services which only supports Windows security. The only option is to use Stored Credentials with the “Use as Windows credentials” checkbox checked. You won’t able to pass the user identity by checking “Set execution context to this account”. As with previous releases, “Set execution context to this account” works with the SQL Server data but it doesn’t work with the Analysis Services provider.

I raised this issue to Microsoft and I posted a bug report. The issue is under investigation but it’s unlikely to get fixed before SQL Server 2012 ships. Please vote!