2015 Annual TI Forecast by TEKsystems

TEKSystems has been a wonderful sponsor of the Atlanta MS BI Group. They’ve recently published an interesting 2015 Annual TI Forecast report. According to the report, Business Intelligence/Big Data will be among the top most impactful technologies in 2015. More key facts:

  • Seventy-one percent of IT leaders report confidence in their ability to satisfy business demands in 2015, representing an increase from 66 percent and 54 percent in forecasts for 2014 and 2013, respectively.
  • The top five areas where most IT leaders expect to increase spending in 2015 include security (65 percent), mobility (54 percent), cloud (53 percent), BI/Big Data (49 percent) and storage (46 percent). Twenty-nine percent of IT leaders also expect to increase spending on ERP.
  • Seventy-three percent of IT leaders indicate that operational objectives such as reducing costs, improving efficiency, consolidating, standardizing and streamlining present the biggest organizational challenges.
  • Salary increases are most likely to be average, with 68 percent of IT leaders saying that they expect overall staff salaries to increase by up to 5 percent. Only 8 percent expect increases of 6 percent or more and 21 percent expect salaries to remain the same.
  • Hiring expectations have also slowed. Entering 2014, 47 percent of IT leaders expected an increase in full-time IT staff hiring. Entering 2015, just 40 percent expect an increase, and 50 percent expect it to be the same as 2014.

Atlanta MS BI Group Meeting Tonight

Come and join us tonight for last 2014 meeting of the Atlanta MS BI Group. In the spirit of the season, I’ll revisit its most important tools and their role in a holistic and modern data analytics environment. Then, for each tool, I’ll discuss its indented use, as well as its pros and cons. We’ll discuss self-service and organizational BI, on-premise and cloud, emerging technologies, and how they complement each other in the context of Microsoft BI. And, Mark Tabladillo will do us a cool demo of the Azure Machine Learning Web Service. $60 Pizza Hut gift card and other cool door prices from Aspen Brands will be given away. Kudos to our fantastic sponsor TEKSystems for buying us food and drinks!

Embedded Power View and Pivot Reports

I’ve been pestering Microsoft for years to provide an embedded Analysis Services Viewer control (similar to the SSRS ReportViewer) that would allow developers to embed interactive reports on custom Windows Forms and web applications. And, for years nothing happened, even after Microsoft acquired the Dundas OLAP Chart control in 2008. There are some positive signs on that end lately. Microsoft just rolled out the ability to embed Power View and pivot reports on a webpage or blog. I’m sure there are some scenarios that will be benefit from this feature but this is really not what I want because:

  1. It’s just an URL-based mechanism targeting deployed reports and its customization options are limited to layout adjustments.
  2. It’s not a control that developers can customize, such as to change the connection string in order to pass custom user credentials, replace parameters, etc.
  3. It requires the reports to be hosted in Office 365. Hence, at least for now, this feature can’t be used with on-prem data.