Two New Prologika Training Courses

Due to popular demand, we’ve added two more classes to our training curriculum.

  • Applied SQL Fundamentals – This 2-day instructor led course provides you with the necessary skills to query Microsoft SQL Server databases with Transact-SQL. This course starts with the basics of a SELECT statement and its syntax, and progresses to teach you how to join, aggregate, and convert data. This course is perfect for developers who need to query SQL Server databases to retrieve data, from complete beginners through to more experienced developers who can use some of the modules as reference material. It will benefit novice Database Administrators, Database Developers, and Business Intelligence professionals. It will also benefit SQL power users who need to create SQL queries, including report writers, data analysts, and client application developers.
  • Applied Microsoft BI – This 4-day class is designed to help you become proficient with the Microsoft BI toolset and acquire the necessary skills to implement an organizational BI solution. You’ll learn how to design a star schema, use SQL Server Integration Services to transform data, and implement a Tabular semantic model. Depending on the students’ skillset, it can be customized, such as to reduce coverage of specific technologies, replace them with other topics of interest, such as Multidimensional instead of Tabular, or cover additional topics, such as Power BI or Reporting Services.


Atlanta MS BI fans, join me for the next Atlanta MS BI Group meeting on Feb 29th and 6:30 PM. I’ll present “What’s New in SSRS 2016”. Don’t forget to register at Nevron will be our sponsor. Vishal Pawar will do us a quick Prototypes with Pizza demo about the new features in the Power BI Feb update.

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What’s New in Reporting Services 2016


Level: Intermediate


Monday, February 29th, 2016


6:30 – 8:30 PM ET


South Terraces Building (Auditorium Room)

115 Perimeter Center Place

Atlanta, GA 30346


Reporting Services plays an important role in the updated Microsoft on-premises BI roadmap as a platform for delivering paginated, mobile, and interactive reports. This is a great news for many customers who previously had to rely on SharePoint for BI. Microsoft has made significant investments in SQL Server 2016 to bring Reporting Services up to its new role. Join this session to learn about these exciting new enhancements, including HTML5 rendering, mobile reports, new report portal, Power BI integration, and many more.


Teo Lachev founded Prologika, now a Microsoft Gold BI Partner, in 2004 with a mission to help organizations make sense of data by effectively applying BI technologies. Teo has authored and co-authored several SQL Server BI books. He founded and has been leading the Microsoft Business Intelligence Group in Atlanta since 2010. Microsoft has recognized Teo’s experience in Business Intelligence and contributions to the technical community by awarding him the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status since 2004.


Founded in 1998, Nevron Software is specialized in the development of premium presentation layer and data visualization components for .NET based technologies.For over a decade, Nevron has been recognized as a leading vendor of advanced Charting, Diagramming and Data Visualization solutions for Microsoft Technologies.Nowadays, Nevron is also the driver of one of the biggest innovations in the .NET world – Nevron Open Vision (NOV). NOV changes the .NET ecosystems of Microsoft and Xamarin by providing them with a single presentation layer API.


Getting Mobile Reports to Recognize SSAS Dates

Scenario: Some of the controls in SSRS 2016 mobile reports (previously known as Datazen) require a date field. The Mobile Publisher would refuse binding the control to an SSAS shared dataset if a column of a Date data type is not present. That’s because when you create a dataset, you write an MDX query and MDX returns the field name as a string.

Solution: You can use add a calculated member to the query that returns the MEMBER_VALUE property. MEMBER_VALUE returns in the underlying data in its native data type. For this to work in Multidimensional, you need to set the Value property of the Date attribute of your Date dimension to an underlying column of a Date data type. The following example, shows a sample query that uses the Adventure Works Tabular model.

MEMBER [Measures].[Total Sales] as ([Measures].[Internet Total Sales] + [Measures].[Reseller Total Sales])

MEMBER DateCasted as
Iif([Measures].[Total Sales]=0, null, [Date].[Date].CurrentMember.MEMBER_VALUE)




[Measures].[Total Sales],

[Measures].[Internet Total Sales],

[Measures].[Reseller Total Sales]


ON 0,

EMPTY [Date].[Date].Children
ON 1

FROM [Model]

Because the DateCasted column is now of a Date data type, Publisher now allows me to bind the dataset to a TimeNavigator control that requires a date column.


Gartner Positions Microsoft as a Leader in BI and Analytics Platforms

The title says it all! Note that the evaluation was done in July-August 2015. Some of the missing points Gartner points out in the report have been implemented already, such as custom visuals So by now the bubble should have moved up toward the ability to execute J

Beyond Power BI, I found the following Gartner’s strategic observations interesting:

  • By 2018, data discovery and data management evolution will drive most organizations to augment centralized analytic architectures with decentralized approaches.
  • By 2017, 75% of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability; half will not handle this well, by either remaining over-controlling or completely ignoring the risks of more agile approaches.
  • By 2017, highly featured and easy-to-use freemium and low-license-cost business intelligence (BI) offerings will accelerate user adoption deep into the enterprise beyond traditional BI users.

Want to learn Power BI? We’re still accepting students for the online class starting Monday.







Applied Power BI


Teo Lachev 2/8-2/9 12:00-4:00 ET




Prologika Power BI Showcase

Microsoft launched a Power BI Partner Showcase section to help you “find the right solution for your organization” from certified partners like Prologika. I’m excited to announce the first Prologika Power BI Showcase! It’s based on the work we did for an insurance company. This solution transformed the organization’s data into a key strategic business asset, empowering employees like never before. It currently includes over 300 performance measures that can be analyzed across various dimensions, enabling business to collaborate and share insights with rich data storytelling. The solution delivers a “single version of truth” approach for reporting, and empowers business users to build customized reports and analyses using various tools.

“We are extremely excited for the actionable intelligence and foresight this new tool will bring to our organization”
Director Supply Chain Analytics

Visit the solution page to learn more about how we did it, watch a short video, and even try the interactive reports! Have questions? Contact me to today to find how Power BI can change your business!