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Power BI DirectQuery with Parameterized Stored Procedure

Issue: You have a parameterized SQL Stored procedure that you want to call in DirectQuery mode. You attempt to use “exec sp parameter” syntax in the Power BI Desktop which works in the Query Editor but it fails to execute due to syntax error when you apply changes. Workaround: Power BI uses the “select * […]


Configuring Power Query OData Feeds

Scenario: A customer has implemented a Power BI model that retrieves data by calling the Dynamics CRM OData Feed endpoint. The dataset refresh operation is timing out. They want to increase the timeout setting but unlike connecting to SQL Server, where you can set the timeout duration in the source advanced properties, there is no […]


SSRS Tabular Query Designer

Analysis Services Tabular has gained a lot of momentum for implementing organizational semantic models but its toolset has been lacking. SSRS developers had to rely previously on the MDX Query Designer to send MDX queries to Tabular. If DAX queries were preferred (and they often are for better performance since DAX is the native Tabular query […]


Implementing Lookups in Power Query

Scenario: Suppose you have two source tables coming from different data sources, such as Excel or text files, as shown in in the screenshot below. The Master table has a DateStart and DateEnd columns that denotes a date range for ID. The Details table has some date (and possibly time) values. You need to look […]


Solving Datazen MDX Query Limitations

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Microsoft added Datazen to its arsenal of data visualization tools. Datazen, of course, comes with its own pros and cons. In this blog, you’ll see how you can get around a Datazen limitation when connected to an SSAS data model. Scenario: You create a Datazen dashboard that sources […]


Query Options for Analytical Models and Transactional Reporting

Requesting both historical and transactional reports is a very common requirement. As they stand, neither Multidimensional nor Tabular are designed to support well transactional (detail-level) reporting with large datasets, as I discussed in my Transactional Reporting with Tabular blog post. There are two query options that might provide some relief with transactional reporting and they […]


Fix for “Wide” MDX Query Performance Degradation

We ran into a situation where a wide MDX query requesting many regular and semi-additive measures side by side can degrade the Analysis Services server performance. As I explained in this connect bug report, the customer had a Reporting Services report that includes many measures (close to a hundred). Users insisted on having this report […]


Cube vs. VertiPaq Query Performance

This is a big topic and frankly it’s too ambitious on my part to tackle it. Assuming equivalent multidimensional (BISM Multidimensional) and tabular (BISM Tabular) models, I was curious how a multidimensional cube fares against VertiPaq in terms of performance. To be fair to VertiPaq, I decided to use native DAX queries. As you’ve probably […]


SSRS Query Performance Issues with Parameters

I recall seeing “fast queries in SSMS but slow in SSRS” issues reported a few times in the public discussion list but I’ve always dismissed them as unrelated to SSRS. Alas, I happened to see one today when a report would take a very long time (7 min) to execute. As usual, the first stop […]


Hacking MDX Query Designer Parameters

[View:/CS/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Blogs.Components.WeblogFiles/blog/]Continuing our intrepid journey in the land of SSRS-SSAS integration, after we’ve figured out how to retrieve the cube metadata, we are ready to tackle another unchartered territory: query parameters. Issue: You need to parameterize the MDX query by a measure or a simple parameter. Take for example the following report (attached). This report shows […]