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  • Web API CORS Adventures

    I've been doing some work with ASP.NET Web API and I'm setting a demo service in the cloud (more on this in a future post). The service could be potentially accessed by any user. For demo purposes, I wanted to show how jQuery script in a web page...
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  • Chasing Parameters

    Scenario : You use the Visual Studio ASP.NET ReportViewer and you can't figure out how to get the parameter values when the page posts back. I couldn't find a straightforward answer on the discussion list so I thought my findings could come useful...
  • Trying to Communicate

    Visual Studio 2008 embraces the exciting new world of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for communicating with services. However, pitfalls await the unwary. I've recently tackled invoking the Reporting Services Web service with WCF and I want...
  • Introducing LINQ

    If you follow the Microsoft .NET roadmap, you have probably heard about the forthcoming Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in .NET 3.0. LINQ will add query capabilities directly into the CLR and will be supported by both VB.Net and C#. This means that you...
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  • Transcend T-SQL Limitations with SQL Server 2005 CLR Objects

    One of the coolest SQL Server 2005 feature is .NET CLR objects. When use wisely, CLR integration can solve many nagging problems with T-SQL. For example, you cannot pass columns from an outer SQL statement to a TBF even though it returns one row. Or,...
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  • You’ve been Deadlocked

    If you’ve been using VS.NET 2005 for a while chances are that your debugging session could have been spectacularly crashing just when you thought you were so close finding that elusive critical bug. This situation may have manifested with the following...
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  • When the Host is not so Perfect

    Here is something that has recently bit me really bad. Customer requirements called for implementing an in-house report designer to create report definitions. Expired by the VS.NET 2005 Report Designer, we decided to implement a part of the tool as a...
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