Applied Power BI Book (3rd Edition)

I’m excited to announce the third edition of my Applied Microsoft Power BI book! When the original book was published  in January 2016, it was the first Power BI book at that time. Since then, I helped many companies adopt or transition to Power BI, and taught hundreds of students. It’s been a great experience to witness the momentum surrounding Power BI.

The third revision added more than 20% new content (the book is now 426 pages) and probably that much content was rewritten to keep the book up with the ever-changing world of Power BI. Because I had to draw a line somewhere, Applied Microsoft Power BI (3nd edition) covers all features that were that were released by early December 2017. As with my previous books, I’m committed to help my readers with book-related questions and welcome all feedback on the book discussion forum on the book page. While you are there, feel free to check out the book resources (sample chapter, front matter, and more). I also encourage you to follow my blog at and subscribing to my newsletter at to stay on the Power BI latest.

How to get THE Power BI book?

  • Amazon paper copy (should be available next week)
  • Amazon Kindle ebook
  • Other popular channels coming up shortly

Bring your data to life for a third time! Keep on reading and Happy New Year!