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SQL Server 2005 LoadFest

Atlanta.mdf is hosting a LoadFest event to celibrate the launch of SQL Server 2005. They asked me to stop by and answer tough Business Intelligence questions.. Time permitting, I may do a demo or two. You may also put in your calendar my next presentation for Atlanta.mdf on 9/1/2006 when I will talk about Analysis […]

SQL Pass 2005 slides and code

SQL Pass 2005 was a great show. It had about 2,000 attendees, which is great si nce you don’t feel disconnected in the TechEd crowd of 13,000 people. I did a “RS Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas” presentation with Bruce L-C whom I finally had a chance to meet. I think the presentation went very well. […]

To the summit

If you are attending SQL Pass event next week in Grapevine, TX and you would like to know more about Reporting Services, stop by to my presentation. I am teaming with Bruce Loehle-Conger (MVP – SQL Server) to present the Reporting Services Tips, Tricks and “Gotchas” session.   I have some cool demos that demonstrate […]

SQL Server September CTP reloaded

In addition to my previous post about installing CTP, here are some additional notes:  After you uninstall the previous version of SQL Server, make sure to delete all database files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data. The setup program will comlain about them. If you are upgrading a previous CTP and you are running into performance […]

SQL Server September CTP and VS.NET RC are here!

 If you are subscribed to Microsoft Beta, you can downoad the SQL Server September CTP and Visual Studio Release Candidate (plan for a day or two given the 30K connection speed) from the Microsoft betaplace website. Here are the steps I was taking to install both SQL Server CTP and Visual Studio.NET RC that you […]

SP2 Hotfix available

Microsoft has released a hotfix for SP2 that fixes a few items in SP 2. Specifically: HTML Viewer Style Sheet Configuration Property Missing from Service Pack 2. Incorrect line breaking or random formatting issues with MHTML. Leaving and returning to the Schedule Page from the Subscription Properties page causes dependent report parameters to be disabled, then […]

Do more with less!

As you probably know, Microsoft has made a great effort to scale down the SQL Server 2005 components and provide more features at a lesser cost. Here are some links worth checking.   SQL Server 2005 Feature Comparison http://www.microsoft.com/sql/2005/productinfo/sql2005features.mspx   SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Enhancements http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sql/2005/2005ssrs.mspx   SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Features Matrix […]

Tech Ed US (Day 5)

D-day! I wondered how many people would show up for my presentation about RS Custom Security. I turned out that about 60 people thought that custom security is just what they needed to boot up after the last night party. I think the presentation was well received. While you are waiting for the Tech Ed […]

Tech Ed US (Day 4)

I couldn’t sleep well last night. My neighbor on the left was talking on her cell phone until midnight and I can hear every damn word through the thin wall. My other neighbor was watching a horror movie. A double impact. Not to mention that the cell phone of my left neighbor  rang and woke […]

Tech Ed US (Day 3)

Wednesday. The pressure and fatigue starts building up. So, I am going to take it easy today. Now that I am writing a book about Analysis Services 2005, I felt like I need a pinch of MDX to boost my spirit. So, I went to see theSolving Business Problems with MDX in Analysis Services presentation by […]