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Configuration error with stylesheets and RS 2005

If you install RS 2005 and the default web site has a web.config file that uses the new ASP.NET 2.0 themes feature, when you attempt to run the Report Manager, you will get: Theme <theme name> cannot be found in the application or global theme directories The reason for this error is that the styleSheetTheme […]

Source code available

The source code for my book “Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005” is available for download.  It can also be downloaded by clicking on the Source code link found on the book resource page. To get the entire code, download the amas_all_code_in_one.zip fle. Alternatively, to get the code for a given chapter only, download the corresponding zip file. Happy […]

In search for scalability

Just to let you know that I am aware that my website (prologika.com) is dog slo-o-o-w. I can hear my aging web server is praying for mercy from a mile. The good news is that I’ve just ordered a new Dell server. It sure will make a difference. It will take a few days to […]

My blog address has changed

I have to apologize for the late news. I thought that I can get .Text and Community Server co-existing peacefully on the same machine, so I could post a notice of the blog address change through .Text once I am done installing and switching to the Community Server. Alas, .NET Framework 2.0 and .Text didn’t […]

SQL Server 2005 LoadFest

Atlanta.mdf is hosting a LoadFest event to celibrate the launch of SQL Server 2005. They asked me to stop by and answer tough Business Intelligence questions.. Time permitting, I may do a demo or two. You may also put in your calendar my next presentation for Atlanta.mdf on 9/1/2006 when I will talk about Analysis […]

SQL Pass 2005 slides and code

SQL Pass 2005 was a great show. It had about 2,000 attendees, which is great si nce you don’t feel disconnected in the TechEd crowd of 13,000 people. I did a “RS Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas” presentation with Bruce L-C whom I finally had a chance to meet. I think the presentation went very well. […]

To the summit

If you are attending SQL Pass event next week in Grapevine, TX and you would like to know more about Reporting Services, stop by to my presentation. I am teaming with Bruce Loehle-Conger (MVP – SQL Server) to present the Reporting Services Tips, Tricks and “Gotchas” session.   I have some cool demos that demonstrate […]