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Export to Excel and Word with SoftArtisians’ OfficeWriter

Version 1.0 of Reporting Services doesn’t support exporting reports to Microsoft Word format. It does support exporting to Excel but developers have limited control over the Excel renderer. For example, you may need provide placeholders (bookmarks in Word or markers in Excel) which will be populated during runtime with fields from your report query. SoftArtisians […]

Supercharge your reports with custom code

Microsoft has just published my article “Microsoft Reporting Services in Action: Extending Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services with Custom Code“ on MSDN. Excerpted from my book Microsoft Reporting Services in Action, this article demonsrates how to implement advanced features in reports by integrating them with .NET assemblies.

Let’s talk RS

Please join me at the following events to learn more about Reporting Services:   Atlanta.net User Group presentation (ADNUG) on September 27th I will show you how to report-enable WinForm or web applications by integrating them with Reporting Services. Get a sneak preview of the new RS controls that will be included in the next […]

Forms Authentication and RS Web Service

Often, report enabling Internet-facing applications require replacing the default RS Windows-based security with Forms Authentication. This allows clients to request reports by URL with the all the goodies that URL addressability entail, namely support for interactive features and the HTML Viewer toolbar. While RS Forms Authentication is well-documented (see the Forms Authentication whitepaper by Microsoft), something which […]

Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services

I have recently discovered the Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services. If Office Web Components are overkill for your Analysis Services smart client deployment or dev requirements, check out this toy. It requires Excel 2002 and higher installed on the user machine. Once connected to Analysis Services (standard, offline and HTTP connectivity is supported) you […]

Dynamic Query Data Extension Available

One of the limitations of RS version 1.0 is that it doesn’t allow you set the connnection string (a.k.a. data source) during runtime. For example, you may need to support separate databases per client and based on the logged on client you may need to redirect the user to the appropriate database. To address this issue, […]

URL addressability vs. RS Web service

Judging by the questions post on the RS newsgroup, many developers are often confused about which implementation choice will best meet their integration requirements. I hope the following comparison will help you evaluate them:   URL addressability  (HTTP-GET)                                     ·          Implementation–The report request is submitted on the client side of the application directly to the Report Server. For […]

Time to migrate

Recently I had to migrate a Report Server installation from one server to another by keeping the Report Server catalog intact. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are the steps (hope I recall them right ): If you haven’t done this already, back up the encryption key of the old RS installation. […]