BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta Released

Fellow MVPs have just released the latest public beta build of BIDS Helper, which should one of the first utilities you install after you install SQL Server on your machine. Besides fixes and updates, this release adds support for SQL Server 2012 and new features specific to Analysis Services Tabular.

This beta release is the first to support SQL Server 2012 (in addition to SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2). Since it is marked as a beta release, we are looking for bug reports in the next few months as you use BIDS Helper on real projects. In addition to getting all existing BIDS Helperfunctionality working appropriately in SQL Server 2012 (SSDT), the following features are new.

  • Analysis Services Tabular
  • Smart Diff
  • Tabular Actions Editor
  • Tabular HideMemberIf
  • Tabular Pre-Build