• Types of Power BI Real-time Datasets

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    Everyone wants real-time BI, even when it doesn't have to be really "real time". Today Microsoft announced General Availability of Power BI Real-Time Streaming Datasets. There are actually three types of Power BI real-time datasets, as mentioned in the documentation. Push – Power BI permanently stores the data, enabling historic analysis, and reports creation atop the dataset. Behind the scenes, Power BI provisions an Azure SQL instance when the dataset is created. New data is pushed into SQL. Power BI then connects to that dataset via DirectQuery. Query Refresh (sending new queries to Azure SQL to update dashboard visuals) occurs whenever data is pushed in. When you create the dataset programmatically, you can specify a retention policy (defaultRetentionPolicy setting). When defaultRetentionPolicy is set to None, the dataset accumulates data to the maximum allowed Power BI limit (currently 1 GB). When set to basicFIFO, the dataset holds up to 200,000 rows and...

  • Atlanta MS BI Group Meeting on January 30th

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    MS BI fans, join me for the next Atlanta MS BI and Power BI Group meeting on Monday, January 30th at 6:30 PM. One of our most experienced consultants, Neal Waterstreet, will share his real-life experience in master data management with SQL Server MDS. I'll update you on the latest with Power BI and SQL Server 2017. Prologika will sponsor the meeting. Rate this meeting http://aka.ms/PUGSurvey, PUG ID: 104 Presentation: Master Data Management with SQL Server 2016 MDS Level: Intermediate Date: January 30th, 2017 Time 6:30 – 8:30 PM ET Place: South Terraces Building (Auditorium Room) 115 Perimeter Center Place Atlanta, GA 30346 Overview: In this presentation we'll first discuss the position Master Data Management plays in an organization's overall data strategy. We'll review the key concepts, different roles and responsibilities that members of the team typically play, potential risks, and best practices to help you get your organization moving forward...

  • Unblocking the On-premises Data Gateway

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    Scenario: You have configured the Power BI on-premises data gateway for centralized data access and verified that its data sources test just fine. Direct query connections work. However, when you go to Power BI Service and attempt to schedule a data refresh for a dataset, you might find that the data gateway is disabled. Solution: The most common reasons for Power BI to disable the on-premises data gateway for refresh are: Unlike the personal gateway, the on-premises data gateway requires you to register data sources. You must go to the gateway properties and create data sources for all data sources used in your Power BI Desktop file. Unfortunately, as it stands Power BI doesn't allow you to select which data sources in the Power BI Desktop file will be refreshed and which ones don't require a refresh. It's all or nothing proposition. So, if one data source is not compatible...

  • Customer Success Case – ZynBit

    January 23, 2017 / No Comments » / 8930 Views

    One of our customers, ZynBit, made the Power BI blog today! Initially, ZynBit was considering Tableau but abandoned it in favor of Power BI because of the Power BI superior data modeling capabilities and the cost effective licensing model of Power BI Embedded. Prologika helped ZynBit to transition their solution to Power BI, including designing the data model and integrating reports with Power BI Embedded. Read our case study here.

  • Monitoring Progress of UPDATE

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    How to monitor the progress of an UPDATE statement sent to SQL Server? Unfortunately, SQL Server currently doesn't support an option to monitor the progress of DML operations. In the case of UPDATE against large tables, it might be much faster to recreate the table, e.g. with SELECT … INTO. But suppose that INSERT could take a very long time too and you prefer to update the data instead. Here is how to "monitor" the progress while the UPDATE statement is doing its job. Suppose you are updating the entire table and it has 138,145,625 rows (consider doing the update in batches to avoid running out of log space). Let's say the UPDATE statement changes the RowStartColumn column to the first day of the month: UPDATE bi.FactAccountSnapshot SET RowStartDate = DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, RowStartDate), 0); Use these statements to monitor the remaining work by using a reverse WHERE clause. Make sure to...

  • Make BI Great Again!

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    …with the second edition of my "Applied Microsoft Power BI" book. After seven books and starting from scratch every time, I finally got to write a revision! Thoroughly revised to reflect the current state of Power BI, it added more than 20% new content and probably that much content was rewritten to keep up with the ever changing world of Power BI. Because I had to draw a line somewhere, Applied Microsoft Power BI (2nd Edition) covers all features that were that were released by early January 2017 (including subscriptions). As with my previous books, I'm committed to help my readers with book-related questions and welcome all feedback on the book discussion forum on the book page. While you are there, feel free to check out the book resources (sample chapter, front matter, and more). Consider also following my blog at http://prologika.com/blog and subscribing to my newsletter at http://prologika.com to...

  • Power BI Subscriptions

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    Today Microsoft released a highly anticipated Power BI feature – subscribed report delivery. Similar to SSRS individual subscriptions, users can go to a Power BI report and subscribe to one or more of its pages to receive a snapshot of the page on a scheduled basis. The following scenarios are possible depending on the report data source: Imported datasets – the subscription follows the dataset refresh schedule. You'll get an email every time the scheduled refresh happens, so long as you haven't gotten an email in the last 24 hours. DirectQuery datasets – Power BI checks the data source every 15 minutes. You'll get an email as soon as the next check happens, provided that you haven't gotten an email in the last 24 hours (if Daily is selected), or in the last seven days (if Weekly is selected). Live connection to SSAS – Power BI checks the data source...

  • A Special Cyber Training Offer This Week!

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    What a better gift to give you than increasing your BI IQ? Don't miss my highly-discounted ($150 per person only) Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) session this Friday! It's one of the three precon sessions of SQL Server Saturday BI Edition 2016. There are only three days left to register and there are still a few seats available. Then, join me on Saturday at 9 AM at SQL Saturday to learn how to embed reports using Power BI Embedded. Both events are in the Microsoft Office in Alpharetta. Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD Precon Session SQL Saturday Atlanta BI Edition is proud to announce this full day training Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is designed to accelerate your Power BI experience with a comprehensive training program in a single day. All you have to do is bring your Windows-based laptop and we'll supply the rest...

  • Atlanta MS BI Group Meeting on December 5th

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    MS BI fans, join me for the next Atlanta MS BI and Power BI Group meeting on Monday, December 5th at 6:30 PM. I'll review the tremendous success that Microsoft BI had in 2016. We'll took a glimpse of the new Power BI navigation experience. Julie Smith will talk about Azure Data Factory Slices for our Prototypes with Pizza. Enjoy catering by Subway, thanks for Microsoft sponsoring this event. Rate this meeting http://aka.ms/PUGSurvey, PUG ID: 104 Presentation: Microsoft BI 2016 Review Level: Intermediate Date: Monday, December 5th, 2016 Time 6:30 – 8:30 PM ET Place: South Terraces Building (Auditorium Room) 115 Perimeter Center Place Atlanta, GA 30346 Overview: In the spirit of the season, join us to reflect on the state of Microsoft BI Platform at the end of year 2016. It's been a fantastic year for both on-premises and cloud BI! I'll revisit the most important changes. Please feel free...

  • Power BI Training for Atlanta BI SQL Saturday

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    Only two weeks to register for my "Dashboard in a Day" precon on December 9th for Atlanta BI SQL Saturday. A whole day of hands-on Power BI training for only $150! Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is designed to accelerate your Power BI experience with a comprehensive training program in a single day. All you have to do is bring your Windows-based laptop and we'll supply the rest – even lunch! With DIAD you get practical hands-on training prepared by the Microsoft Power BI team. During this precon we'll build a Power BI dashboard together. Along the way, you'll learn: How to connect to, import & transform data from a variety of sources Build real data models, as well as author and publish insightful reports Customize and share your "creations" for collaboration with other groups securely inside your organization including mobile device sharing Get up to speed with the...


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