Strategy and Assessment

Prologika provides structured planning services to evaluate your current and future BI goals, formulate a strategy, and provide remediation steps for challenges that hold you back, and propel you forward to where you want to be. And if you have Microsoft Enterprise licensing, you can use your planning vouchers to cover or offset the cost.

Gartner reports that nearly 70% of Business Intelligence projects fail. If you are planning your BI initiative, Prologika can steer you away from this significant risk by evaluating your goals and creating a plan that works. And if you already have a BI solution in place that doesn’t meet your expectations, Prologika can evaluate it and propose a remediation plan.Your BI project won’t fail, I guarantee it!

Teo Lachev

Strategy As the popular saying goes, measure twice before you cut. Assessment and planning are the pillars of any new sound BI implementation or major enhancement. Not sure how to start? Is self-service BI or organizational BI the right fit? Need a second opinion or guidance? This is where our years of experience in implementing successful BI solutions comes into play. Here are some of the ways we can help plan your solution:
- Business Intelligence readiness assessment
- Architecting Business Intelligence solutions
- Feature and gap comparison
- Strategy guidance
- Skills assessment
Assessment You might have already a BI solution in place, such as an organizational BI solution. Can it keep up with your business? Does it perform well? Prologika can help you maximize the value of your investment in BI by assessing your current situation, providing and implementing a remediation plan.