Gartner Positions Microsoft as a Leader in BI and Analytics Platforms

The title says it all! Note that the evaluation was done in July-August 2015. Some of the missing points Gartner points out in the report have been implemented already, such as custom visuals So by now the bubble should have moved up toward the ability to execute J

Beyond Power BI, I found the following Gartner’s strategic observations interesting:

  • By 2018, data discovery and data management evolution will drive most organizations to augment centralized analytic architectures with decentralized approaches.
  • By 2017, 75% of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability; half will not handle this well, by either remaining over-controlling or completely ignoring the risks of more agile approaches.
  • By 2017, highly featured and easy-to-use freemium and low-license-cost business intelligence (BI) offerings will accelerate user adoption deep into the enterprise beyond traditional BI users.

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