Long Lines

You will probably never run into this issue unless you have very wide tables but here it is. If use the RS table region and the table has many columns and groups, the number of textboxes in the table cell can increase dramatically and exceed the maximum limit. This situation manifests itself with a rather cryptic error message upon uploading the report definition:

[BC30494] Line is too long

What's going on? SSRS compiles the report definition to prepare the report intermediate language which gets saved in the report catalog. If the N*M (where N is the number of textboxes in a table and M is the size of the textbox name) exceed 64K, the VB.NET compiler throws this error because a VB.NET source file cannot exceed 64K. The workaround is trivial:

  1. Reduce the number of textboxes in a table by removing columns and/or groups.
  2. Shorten the textbox names, e.g. instead of textbox1 rename to t1.

No one likes long lines…