Most Requested Features

You can use the Microsoft Connect website to find most requested features. Unfortunately, the search doesn’t let you specify a product so the search results may be related to other products. For example, searching on reporting services may bring in results from Analysis Services and reporting. Nevertheless, it was quite interesting to find the top voted suggestions. For example, the following query shows the top suggestions for Reporting Services (flip to the Suggestions tab):

  1. Reporting Services-Recognize multiple result sets returned from a stored procedure – (50 votes)
  2. Merging / Linking datasets on report level (50 votes) – No 6 on my SSRS Top 10 wish list.
  3. SQL Reports should support stylesheets (43 votes) – No 9 on my list.
  4. Support for XML Paper Specification (XPS) Output Format (29 votes) – I am personally surprised about this one.
  5. Reporting Services Security Using Membership and Roles (29 votes), and so on