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Intelligencia Query

Chris Webb, a fellow MVP and MDX guru, who’s blog is a must-read for all SSAS junkies, was kind enough to let me take a look at the Intelligencia Query product he’s been working on for a while with Andrew Wiles. Chris announced the product back in April which is now selling as a commercial […]


Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques Whitepaper Available

The Microsoft CAT team has released a new whitepaper Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques. “Many-to-many dimension relationships in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) enable you to easily model complex source schemas and provide great analytical capabilities. This capability frequently comes with a substantial cost in query performance due to the runtime […]


Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services Using SAN Snapshots

If your organization can afford SAN, here is another best practices article by Carl Rabeler from the SSAS team. The Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services Using SAN Snapshots article “describes the use of virtual copy SAN snapshots in a load-balanced scalable querying environment for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to increase the number of […]


Identifying and Resolving MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks Whitepaper

Performance is the most common incentive for using Analysis Services. Yet, despite the advances in the SSAS management tools, optimizing the MDX query performance is still considered as “black magic” by many. Graphical optimization tools similar to the SQL query optimizer and query showplan would definitely help but they are not expected anytime soon. Meanwhile, […]


Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services Article

I’ve come across a good best practices article about scaling out SSAS by Denny Lee and Nicholas Dritsas. It describes how to set up a load-balanced scalable querying environment for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services so that you can handle a large number of concurrent queries to your Analysis Services servers.


Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices

I came across this little gem which I haven’t noticed so far. A nice summary of the 10 things you should do to optimize the UDM query performance. The best one is kept for last – scale out when you can no longer scale up. So true, if I could only convince customers to do […]


Dynamic Query Data Extension Available

One of the limitations of RS version 1.0 is that it doesn’t allow you set the connnection string (a.k.a. data source) during runtime. For example, you may need to support separate databases per client and based on the logged on client you may need to redirect the user to the appropriate database. To address this issue, […]


Q&A in Power BI Desktop

Natural queries (aka Q&A) has been a prominent feature since Power BI Service existed. Wouldn’t be nice to do the same in the Power BI Desktop? You can, but make sure to enable first Q&A from File, Options and Settings, Options (“Preview features”) tab because it’s currently a preview feature. Once you do this and […]


SSRS Multivalue Parameters in DAX

Déjà vu today with a twist. SSRS multivalue parameters in SSAS reports but this time in DAX. Now that SSAS Designer supports DAX queries, we should be able to do everything we were able to do in MDX, right? Unfortunately, as you will quickly discover, Microsoft “forgot” about multivalue parameters when working on the DAX […]


Power BI Writeback

One of the Power BI most prominent strengths is that it’s a part of the much broader Microsoft Data Platform that spans various on-premises and cloud offerings for data storage, processing, and analysis. After the integration with Visio, Power BI just took another leap forward with the introduction of the PowerApps custom visual. Use this […]