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Reporting from XML documents in RS 2005

Recently, I’ve come across a question on the RS public newsgroup about how to use the new RS 2005 XML extension to report off relative nodes in an XML document. The attached sample demonstrates this scenario. For example, given this document: <bookstore xmlns=”“>  <book genre=”autobiography” publicationdate=”1981″ ISBN=”1-861003-11-0″>    <title>The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin</title>    <author>      <first-name>Benjamin</first-name>      <last-name>Franklin</last-name>    […]


Excel to the Rescue

Thanks for Marco Russo’s blog, I’ve learned that Microsoft has released an updated version (version 1.5) of the Excel 2002/2003 Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services. I discussed in details how version 1.0 could be used to generate ad hoc reports from SSAS cubes in my book Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005. Although version 1.0 […]


Into the Multi-dimensional Space

Lately, I’ve run into a few “multi-dimensional” posts in the public SSRS newsgroup. It seems like more and more people target SSAS 2005 cubes as a reporting source. It looks like I am not the only one who have noticed this trend. Brian Welcker has recently commented about the SSRS-SSAS integration in his Fingerpops blog. […]


Reporting off ADO.NET datasets using the RS 2005 XML Extension

In case you missed this little gem, RS 2005 comes with a brand new XML Extension which allows you to report off an XML data returned from an URL-addressable resource, such as an ASP.NET page or a web service. For example, suppose that you have a web method called GetOrders that return the customer orders […]


Export to Excel and Word with SoftArtisians’ OfficeWriter

Version 1.0 of Reporting Services doesn’t support exporting reports to Microsoft Word format. It does support exporting to Excel but developers have limited control over the Excel renderer. For example, you may need provide placeholders (bookmarks in Word or markers in Excel) which will be populated during runtime with fields from your report query. SoftArtisians […]


Don’t want to buy VS.NET to author reports? Try Cizer Report Builder

Many of you probably know that one of the Microsoft RS partners, Cizer, offers an ad-hoc reporting tool called Cizer Query (mentioned in my book). Now, Cizer has released a report designer tool – Cizer Report Builder, as an alternative for authoring reports if you don’t have or want to purchase VS.NET. According to the […]


New RS features in SQL Server 2005 Beta 2

For those of you who would like to know what new RS features have made it to SQL Server 2005 Beta 2, here is the list: Ability to load report projects in the new SQL Server 2005 Intelligence Development Studio IDE. The consequence of this is important. You don’t have to purchase VS.NET anymore just […]