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SSRS Tabular Query Designer

Analysis Services Tabular has gained a lot of momentum for implementing organizational semantic models but its toolset has been lacking. SSRS developers had to rely previously on the MDX Query Designer to send MDX queries to Tabular. If DAX queries were preferred (and they often are for better performance since DAX is the native Tabular query […]


“Enter Data” Feature in Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop has a very useful feature that lets you create tables by manually entering the data. This could be useful in a variety of scenarios, such as entering some reference data, defining KPI goals, creating simple lookup tables, or prototyping some data. If you’re familiar with creating tables in Power Pivot by copying […]


Upgrading Power BI Desktop Models to Tabular

One great feature of Microsoft BI has been the continuum from personal BI to organizational BI. For example, a business user can start small with an Excel Power Pivot model which IT can restore at some point to a scalable Tabular model. In fact, if you know Microsoft personal BI (Power Pivot or Power BI […]


Power BI Quick Calculations

DAX is very powerful but it could entail a steep learning curve for novice users. Power BI Desktop has started on the road of delivering pre-packaged calculations. The first one is Percent of Grand Total. Once you add a measure to the Values zone, you can expand the measure drop-down and click Quick Calc. This […]


Prologika Newsletter Summer 2016

Why Choose Power BI as BI Platform Are you deciding which BI platform to adopt? With so many vendors and products, you are not alone and the choice is far from easy. For the past few months, I’ve consulted with and mentored several large publicly traded companies to help them understand the benefits of Power BI […]


Power BI vs. Tableau (Part 2)

In a previous blog, I reviewed the claims that Tableau made in their “10 Ways Power BI Falls Short” presentation. To be fair to Power BI, in this blog I’ll list 10 areas where I believe Tableau falls short compared to Power BI. Overall In this section, I’ll review some general implementation and cost considerations that […]


Implementing Lookups in Power Query

Scenario: Suppose you have two source tables coming from different data sources, such as Excel or text files, as shown in in the screenshot below. The Master table has a DateStart and DateEnd columns that denotes a date range for ID. The Details table has some date (and possibly time) values. You need to look […]


Power BI vs. Tableau (Part 1)

As I mentioned in my blog “Why Business Like Yours Choose Power BI Over SiSense”, expect attack from other vendors to intensify as they find themselves fighting an increasingly uphill battle against Power BI. As we’ve seen, Power BI has indeed disrupted their sales cycles. In this blog, I’m reviewing the “10 Ways Power BI Falls […]


Power BI Row-level Security in Preview

As promised at the Microsoft Data Insight Summit last month, Power BI row-level security for published Power BI Desktop files (aka as cloud models) is now in preview. This means that soon you’ll be able to restrict the data that the user is authorized to see based on the user identity. If you have experience […]


Load Testing Tabular

I while back I did a TechEd presentation “Can Your BI Solution Scale?”, when I discussed a methodology for load testing SSAS and SSRS. A customer wanted to ensure that its Tabular model can scale to thousands of deployed users when it goes live. You can still use the excellent Microsoft-originated AS Load Sim framework […]