Applied SQL Server Analysis Services (Multidimensional)

Applied SQL Server Analysis Services-Multidimensional

Knowledge is power! As its name suggests, the promise of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services is to promote better data analytics by giving information workers the right tool to analyze consistent, timely, and reliable data. This intensive 4-day class is designed to help you become proficient with Analysis Services (Multidimensional) and acquire the necessary skills to implement OLAP and data mining solutions. Learn how to build a cube from scratch. Use the opportunity to ask questions and study best practices!


  • Database administrators (DBA)
  • Business Intelligence professionals


  • Experience with designing database schemas
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, including authoring T-SQL queries
  • Experience with Visual Studio IDE is preferable

Hardware and software requirements

  • SQL Server 2012 or above installed and functional
  • AdventureWorks and AdventureWorksDW databases installed
  • Analysis Services Adventure Works cube deployed
  • Microsoft Excel for selected lab practices

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