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Export to Excel and Word with SoftArtisians’ OfficeWriter

Version 1.0 of Reporting Services doesn’t support exporting reports to Microsoft Word format. It does support exporting to Excel but developers have limited control over the Excel renderer. For example, you may need provide placeholders (bookmarks in Word or markers in Excel) which will be populated during runtime with fields from your report query.

SoftArtisians will release soon an RS version of their flagship product OfficeWriter which will bring flexible exporting to Excel and Word formats in the form of two additional rendering extensions. Currently, you can try out this product by subscribing to the SoftArtisians beta program here.

You will most likely find the process of creating a Word or Excel report with OfficeWriter very straightforward. For example, to create a Word report you need to:

1. Create a new Word file.

2. Using the SoftArtisians Word toolbar set up a new query. Unfortunately, the query is not saved in the Word file so you have to recreate it every time you need to make a change.

3. Create bookmarks in your Word document by inserting fields from the query. OfficeWriter supports repetative regions which allows you to generate tabular reports.

4. Deploy your report to Report Server. During this step, OfficeWriter will generate the report RDL file which you will find in the same folder where the original Word file is located.

Without a doubt, many report authors will find OfficeWriter useful when report requirements call for flexible rendering in Excel and Word.


Extending Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services with Custom Code

In this article, I will show you how to leverage the Reporting Services unique extensible architecture to supercharge your report capabilities. First, I will explain how embedded and custom code options work. Next, I will show you how you can leverage custom code to author an advanced report with sales forecasting features.

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Let’s talk RS

Please join me at the following events to learn more about Reporting Services:


  1. User Group presentation (ADNUG) on September 27th
    I will show you how to report-enable WinForm or web applications by integrating them with Reporting Services. Get a sneak preview of the new RS controls that will be included in the next 2005 release of Reporting Services.
  2. SQL Pass Community Summit 2004 from Sept 29 to Sept 30 in Orlando, Florida
    I will join my coworkers from HP to present Reporting Services. Look for me in the HP exhibition booth (#301). Don’t miss this chance to ask me tough RS questions and see various code demos.
  3. Atlanta Microsoft Database Forum presentation (Atlanta.mdf) on October 11th
    Same as my ADNUG presentation.

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