Speaking at Atlanta Code Camp

I’ll be speaking at Atlanta Code Camp on August 24th. Given the developer-oriented nature of the event, I settled on a more code-intensive topic: Real-time BI with StreamInsight.

“So, you have (or heard of) classic BI, self-service BI, Big Data BI, descriptive, predictive or even prescriptive BI, but do you have real-time BI? Real-time business intelligence (BI) has become one of the top priorities for data analytics. The ability of having near real-time access to large amounts of data across heterogeneous data sources is one of the key factors to enable effective business decisions. Join this talk to learn how to implement real-time analytics over streams of events using StreamInsight and .NET. You’ll see how these technologies come together in a Big Data Twitter demo that allows you to analyze the Twitter stream in real time.”