Dundas Dashboard and PerformancePoint Comparison Review

Digital dashboards, also known as enterprise dashboards or executive dashboards, are rapidly rising in popularity as the presentation layer for business intelligence. The chances are that you’ve been asked to implement a dashboard to let management quickly ascertain the status (or “health”) of an organization via key business indicators (KPIs) and this task might seem daunting. This is where Dundas Dashboard can help.

As a leader in data visualization solutions, Dundas has given us great products that power many business intelligence solutions, including Microsoft Reporting Services and .NET charting. Its latest offering, Dundas Dashboard 2.5, lets you implement compelling dashboards quickly and easily. Since my career focus has been Microsoft Business Intelligence, I was curious to evaluate the capabilities of Dundas Dashboard and compare them with Microsoft PerformancePoint 2010.

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Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security Reloaded

SQL Server Magazine published the second part of my Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security article in the October issue of the magazine. In this article, I explain how to use MDX expressions to implement dynamic dimension security. I discuss two practical approaches for meeting advanced requirements for securing UDM data. First, I present a solution in which the security policies are stored in a factless fact table. Next, I explain how to leverage SSAS stored procedures to integrate UDM with an external security service.

The article is available for public access. Enjoy!

Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security

SQL Magazine published the first part of my article Protect UDM with Dimension Data Security in its July issue. This article explains the fundamentals of dimension data security. I am working on making the article available for public access (as of now, it requires subscriber-level access). The article code can be downloaded from the publisher’s website and from my website.

I am currently writing the second part (tentatively named Protect UDM with Dynamic Dimension Security) whose focus is dynamic dimension security. It will present two implementation approaches for implementing dynamic dimension security which are harvested from a real-life project: factless fact table and integrating with external security service.

Jazz Up Your Data Using Custom Report Items In SQL Server Reporting Services

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the most exciting (but not well known and documented) extensibility areas of SSRS 2005 is custom report items (CRI). Read my latest article "Jazz Up Your Data Using Custom Report Items In SQL Server Reporting Services reports" published in the October issue of MSDN Magazine to learn how to implement a progress bar CRI.