Power BI vNext SSAS Connector and Security Reloaded

To follow up on my previous post on the same subject, a customer was eager to jump on the Power BI->On Prem SSAS bandwagon and try the simplified security model. But “omne initium difficile est” (every beginning is difficult). Their SSAS server was installed on a domain while their e-mail addresses were using a different scheme, e.g., although both server and accounts were under the same acme domain. As we’ve quickly found out, Active Directory had an issue with this setup which manifested with the following error in the SQL Server Profiler connected to SSAS.

“The following system error occurred: The name provided is not a properly formed account name.”

If you see this error, follow these steps to confirm the issue:

  1. Remote in to your SSAS server.
  2. Open Command Prompt and enter:
  3. If you see that your login domain name is different that the e-mail you use to sign up to Power BI, you’ll have the same issue. For example, your e-mail address might be while whoami might show

The workaround is to bridge the two identity schemes by adding an alternative UPN suffix in Active Directory Users and Trusts, as Greg Galloway explained here. This of course will require help from your AD administrator (one of the most important persons to befriend on your BI quest) so some coercing is to be expected.

Thanks to Jen Underwood, Will Thompson, Mini Nair and Giri Nair from Microsoft who helped us troubleshoot the issue.