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An interesting requirement popped up during an Analysis Services class I'm teaching this week. The customer wants to implement a Tabular/PowerPivot KPI that has this pseudo logic:


    WHEN Actual Below Goal && Below LastYearSales Then Red

    WHEN Actual Below Goal && Above LastYearSales Then Yellow

    WHEN Actual >= Goal Then Green



Although I'm using Tabular, the same calculations will work with Power Pivot.

  1. Define a LastYearSales measure using the following formula assuming that the measure for the actual amount will be ResellerSales[SalesAmount]
    =CALCULATE(SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount]), PREVIOUSYEAR('Date'[Date]))
  2. Define a measure for the KPI actual value using the formula:


SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])<Sum(SalesQuotas[SalesAmountQuota]) && SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])<[LastYearSales],-1,

SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])<Sum(SalesQuotas[SalesAmountQuota]) && SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])>[LastYearSales],0,



This measure using the DAX Switch function. However, to use it as a searched case expression, we use a trick where first argument returns TRUE and the rest of the conditions are evaluated against this hardcoded Boolean value. The formula normalizes the status as -1 (Red), 0 (Yellow), and 1 (Green).

  1. Define the KPI. Notice that the KPI uses an absolute value of 0 for the target.


     TIP: If you use Tabular, instead of using the UI you can open the BIM file source code, locate the _KPI Status measure and modify it as follows:

    SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])&lt;Sum(SalesQuotas[SalesAmountQuota]) &amp;&amp; SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])&lt;[LastYearSales],-1,
    SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])&lt;Sum(SalesQuotas[SalesAmountQuota]) &amp;&amp; SUM(ResellerSales[SalesAmount])&gt;[LastYearSales],0,
    CREATE MEASURE 'ResellerSales'[_KPI Goal] = 0;
    CREATE MEASURE 'ResellerSales'[_KPI Status] = if(ISBLANK('ResellerSales'[KPI]),BLANK(),

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