Applied Power BI (3rd Edition)Bring your data to life today and learn how Power BI changes the way everyone gains insights from data.

    • Publication date: 1/1/2018
    • Size: 426 pages, 7.5″ x 9.25″
    • Price: $49.99
    • ISBN 10: 0-9766353-8-0
    • ISBN 13: 978-0-9766353-8-3





Introduces information workers, data analysts, IT pros, and developers to Microsoft Power BI — a cloud-hosted, business intelligence and analytics platform that democratizes and opens BI to everyone, making it free to get started!

Power BI changes the way you gain insights from data; it brings you a cloud-hosted, business intelligence and analytics platform that democratizes and opens BI to everyone. It does so under a simple promise: “five seconds to sign up, five minutes to wow!”

“That is why resources like this fantastic book will become instrumental for you!”
Jen Underwood
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Business Intelligence


An insightful tour that provides an authoritative yet independent view of this exciting technology, this guide introduces Microsoft Power BI—a cloud-hosted, business intelligence and analytics platform that democratizes and opens BI to everyone, making it free to get started!

Information Workers will learn how to connect to popular cloud services to derive instant insights, create interactive reports and dashboards, and view them in the browser and on the go! Data Analysts will discover how to integrate and transform data from virtually everywhere and then implement sophisticated self-service models. The book also teaches BI and IT Pros how to establish a trustworthy environment that promotes collaboration, and they’ll implement Power BI-centric solutions for descriptive, real-time, and predictive analytics. Developers will find out how to integrate custom applications with Power BI, to embed reports, and to implement custom visuals to effectively present any data.

Ideal for both experienced BI practitioners and beginners, this book doesn’t assume you have any prior data analytics experience. It’s designed as an easy-to-follow guide that introduces new concepts with step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises.

What’s inside

  • Get insights from popular cloud services on any device!
  • Implement sophisticated personal BI models!
  • Enable team BI and implement descriptive, predictive, and real-time BI solutions!
  • Extend Power BI with custom visuals and report-enable custom apps!
    …and much more!


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“The true power in Power BI cannot be appreciated without understanding what the offering can do and how to best use it. That is why resources like this fantastic book will become instrumental for you. This book starts by providing an overview of the foundational components of Power BI. It introduces Power BI Desktop, data modeling concepts, building reports, publishing and designing dashboards. Readers will be up and running in no time. It then moves on to bring you up to speed on deeper dive topics such as data gateways, data re-fresh, streaming analytics, embedding and the Power BI data visualization API. Not only is Teo one of the first people in the world to learn and write about Power BI 2.0, he also brings a wealth of knowledge from deploying the first real-world implementations. Much like Teo’s previous books on Analysis Services and Reporting Services, this Power BI book will be a must read for serious Microsoft professionals. It will also empower data analysts and enthusiasts everywhere.”

Jen Underwood
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Business Intelligence

“I’m impressed about the breadth of the topics covered by Teo Lachev in this book, I’ve just took a quick look at every chapter, and Teo covered all the topics at least at the point where you can start doing something (and in some chapter also more than just an intro). Considering the speed of Power BI releases and the effort required in writing a book, I know the huge effort behind this. My kudos to this book!”

Macro Russo
Consultant, SQLBI

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  • Prologika

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  • Elena Lachev

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  • Paul Stanley

    Hi Teo

    I wanted to ask you question about Quick Insights. I know it’s available in Power BI Service, but it does not appear to be available in Power BI Desktop. I’m wondering if you would happen to know why that would be ? I think it would be fantastic if I was able to load files to Power BI Desktop and then apply Quick Insights to those files, without having to go to Power BI Service. I’m also not sure why Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service are not ‘in balance’ – that is, a reflection of each other in terms of capabilities, regardless of platfrom (Quick Insights would be a good example of that). Anything you may be able to tell me in relation to the above would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards


    PS: Thanks for writing such a great book – Applied Microsoft Power BI – I am currently working my way through the chapters that are of specific interest to me (I’m a data analytics pro) and I am really enjoying it and learning a lot of things I didn’t know about Power BI’s capabilities.

    • Prologika

      Thanks for liking the book! Quick Insights uses machine learning algorithms (I believe Azure Machine Learning behind the scenes) so it’s probably difficult for Microsoft to move all this functionality to the desktop. I suggest you vote for this on Powerbi.com support. I see that folks are asking for this feature. As far as out of sync, that’s a good point. I think there that will be features, like Quick Insights. that will continue to be available only the cloud, and features that will be available only in PBI Desktop, such as modeling.

  • aww91

    Hi Teo,
    Enjoyed your book. I am really looking forward to learning how to create my own visuals. The example ‘sparkline’ visual you provided is a good start but I am having problem getting past a couple of errors. I’m getting a VS Community 2015 error on the viewModel statement that says Type ‘(string | number | Boolean | Date)[] is not assignable to type ‘number[]’. In addition, the “path.node().getTotalLength()” in the animation function is giving me a “Property ‘getTotalLength” does not exist on type ‘Element’. Any help would be appreciated on these two problems. Thanks

    • Prologika

      I used the Power BI Dev tools and not VS to code the visual. Also, please get the latest code by downloading the visual as I’ve made some changes since the book was published.

      • aww91

        Downloaded latest code and experiencing identical errors in Power BI Dev tool.

        • Prologika

          Can you run and test the Sparking in Power BI Dev tools? You can ignore the squiggly line for getTotalLength.

          • aww91

            Yes. When I Compile and Run it displays the sparkline in the preview panel. Changing the values in the Data Preview dropdown appears to change the sparkline. So the syntax error with the viewModel and getTotalLength is not an issue?

          • Prologika

            Not an issue, correct.

  • david

    Hi Teo,
    reading the license terms I’ve seen this point “… You may distribute those documents and projects non-commercially …”.
    So, my question is: can an external consultant use power bi desktop to provide analysis to its customers (for example providing them by email the “pbix” file containing the dashboard)? is it permitted by the license or is it considered a case of commercial distribution ? Thank you

    • Prologika

      Hi David,
      I’m not an expert in licensing or attorney but it looks like this clause applies to media elements on powerbi.com. I don’t see any clause that prevents distributing files in the licensing agreement (License.rtf) that is installed in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Power BI Desktop.

      • david

        Thank you Teo.
        Your book will be a great guide for my work.

  • ken43708

    Hi Teo,
    What’s been updated in v.2? I’ve got v.1 and am trying to decide if I need this version or should wait for a possible v.3 – or supplement my v.1 hardcopy with an ebook.
    Thanks for our thoughts.

    • Prologika

      The book was updated with changes that were introduced since the first edition (since mid-December 2016).

  • Mike

    Hi Teo, I have a couple of questions for you – one in regards to the delivery approach – self serv versus Corporate or Enterprise deployment. For a company with 350 would your recommend the self serv then?
    My 2nd question is in regards to Microsoft BI vs Tableau. Do you ever recommend Tableau? Thanks for your help. Mike

    • Prologika

      Hi Mike. I think my book explains well scenarios where pure self-service BI makes sense. Based on my experience, the best self-service BI happens when there is a semantic layer. About Tableau, I have a 3-part blog about Power BI vs Tableau. The question is how they plan to use it. Again, I’m a big fan of a semantic layer. If you have this, the choice for a reporting tool becomes insignificant. In fact, you can use any tool as a presentation layer: Excel, Power BI, Tableau.

      • Mike

        Thanks Teo, I have ordered your book and appreciate your input!